Valentine’s Day Horoscope 2019 for Aries

To get the most of this horoscope, it’s helpful to know the signs your natal planets are in. You can get that info by getting a Free Natal Chart at (The astrology reports are available to purchase but not required.)


Although Valentine’s Day should go smoothly this year for most Aries, it’s almost too laid-back and uneventful to be much fun. Lack of enthusiasm and feeling disconnected from the traditional holiday fervor/fever may be a barrier to fully enjoying the romantic vibe of the day. You’ll have too much on your mind to devote whole-hearted attention to your partner. And if you don’t have a partner, you’ll be glad you don’t have to make the effort this year.

Aries who have Venus in the early degrees of Taurus (especially) or Pisces will want to include time for a sexual romp — desire will be strong!

Communication with your partner should go well with the Gemini moon encouraging a light-hearted repartee.

Aries born April 18–20 will likely be high-strung and crave excitement on Valentine’s Day. Advice for the day: Think before you act. Impulsiveness is likely to work against you today.

Overall, most Aries will have work issues to deal with or have a parent’s needs that interfere with your plans. Chalk it up to a Valentine’s Day that is rather ho-hum this time. Your heart isn’t in it that much anyway.

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