Valentine’s Day 2019 Horoscope for LIBRA

To get the most of your Valentine’s Day horoscope, it’s helpful to know which signs your natal planets are in. You can get that info by getting a Free Natal Chart at (The astrology reports are available to purchase but not required)


You Lucky Librans have a Grand Trine in air this Valentine’s Day! With Jupiter in the mix, it promises to be a terrific day, especially for a love relationship based on intellectual compatibility.

It’s a fine time to talk about anything you’ve had on your mind. But keep it light; however, serious discussion would be productive if focused on your living arrangements. Maybe you’re both ready to live together. Maybe you want to make changes to make living together more practical and easier to manage. A parent could be part of the picture. It’s also a good time to downsize with Venus and Saturn in Capricorn in your 4th house this month.

Unfortunately, Librans born October 22–23 have a disturbing addition to Valentine’s Day — Mars and Uranus in Aries opposing your sun in Libra. You would have already started feeling this influence February 12th. Expect the unexpected with this one. It’s usually not good, so be careful. This is classic for accidents and now it’s a double whammy with Mars and Uranus together. If I saw this coming, I personally wouldn’t leave the house. But that’s not always protection either. I once had an attempted break-in during a transit like this WHILE I WAS HOME and the potential intruder knew I was in there. Still, the guy tried TWICE to ram the door. Luckily, a strong door and deadbolt kept him out. Not that this particular scenario will happen to you, but I’d be generally cautious anyway the week of Valentine’s Day.

The rest of you not under the Mars/Uranus transit should have a super fun day, even if it’s simply staying at home chit-chatting, a movie, and a candle-lit dinner. Being at home celebrating will be going with the flow of the planets this Valentine’s Day. Bask in your 4 of 5 Star Day!

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