VIRGO Valentine’s Day 2019 Horoscope

To get the most of this horoscope, it’s helpful to know the signs your natal planets are in. You can get that info by getting a Free Natal Chart at my site (The astro reports are available to purchase but not required)


As you know, every year Valentine’s Day is in Aquarius. It emphasizes your Virgo energy and 6th house which isn’t optimal for romance.

But this year’s Valentine’s Day provides an easy, loving, and spiritual combination of Venus and Neptune in Capricorn aspecting your Sun in Virgo. To top it off, it’s in your 5th house of romance and fun. That’s all VERY romantic. Add Saturn to the mix for stability and commitments.

Virgos born Sept. 1–5 will feel this energy the most. And if you have Venus at 13–15 degrees in Cancer, Virgo, or Scorpio, you will be in Seventh Heaven. (5 Hearts for you this time!) Just don’t get so dreamy that you forget you’re still on earth to accept (or give) beautiful symbols of love. You can’t go wrong with red roses.

Virgos with natal Venus in 17–21, 28–29 degrees Leo or Libra can expect this Valentine’s Day to be one of the best ever. Big Fun, gifts, good luck — provided by Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Single Virgos, if you have a hobby that gets you out of the house, go for it. You could meet someone new but you’ll need to keep your eyes open for opportunities. If you’re a cook, take a cooking class. If you love plants, go to a plant club meeting. ETC. It’s a good way anyway to find someone compatible long-term. Shared interests go a long way towards a loving bond.

Metaphysics, spirituality, astrology — tools that help me understand myself and our world. and reflect my interests.

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