(Taurus: April 20 — May 21)


With Venus in Capricorn this Valentine’s Day, Taurus finally has a wonderful day in store! Usually, the first few weeks of February are notoriously stressful to Taurus because of the square to Aquarius every year. (That’s true with Scorpio, too).

Venus is in your 9th house now, so a long distance rendezvous is possible — it’s just what you need to get out of your daily routine/rut.

Single Taurus’s, you could meet your perfect person at a foreign language class this Thursday (Valentine’s Day.) Just make sure you go out, whether it’s to a pub, a get-together (with new people included), or even a spiritual/religious gathering.

The day’s astrology is auspicious for finding someone who is either much older or much younger. Venus in Capricorn with Saturn assures a somewhat serious but stable and long-term relationship. With Neptune in Pisces, the relationship will be very romantic and spiritual. Don’t be surprised if you meet this special person from another country. This is especially emphasized for Taurus born May 1–7.

Taurus who are already coupled just might get a marriage proposal or at least more of a commitment to the relationship. Communication will likely be the theme of how you are compatible together.

It’s a good day to buy a piece of art you both like — maybe a sculpture that symbolizes your love for each other.

Overall, it’s a 4 Hearts (of 5) for Taurus this day of Love.

Metaphysics, spirituality, astrology — tools that help me understand myself and our world. AstroStar.com and Astrology-Recipes.com reflect my interests.

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