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Lucky and Unlucky Horoscopes for November 2021

Tara Pierce


Horoscopes are based on Eastern Daylight Time until November 7, then Eastern Standard time.

You can get the most from these Lucky Horoscopes if you know your natal Venus sign and which degree it’s in. That information is available on your Free Natal Chart.

Your Luck Factor:

10 — All planets auspiciously aspect your sun sign. Good luck abounds. It’s rare.
9 — Extremely lucky. Don’t miss this opportunity!
8 — Very lucky!
7 — Odds are definitely still on your side.
6 — Lucky enough to at least try.
5 — Neutral luck.
4 — A shade unlucky.
3 — Fairly unlucky but there’s still hope.
2 — Downright unlucky.
1 — Extremely unlucky. Stay in bed, hide from the world. Even rough for masochists.
0 — I’ll rarely commit to this bad luck factor. There’s always light in darkness. As bad as anything gets, the pendulum does swing again — cycles.

If You are Born on the Cusp:
If you were born on the cusp of a sign, the cusp changes yearly, sometimes by as much as a day.

Example: Someone born in the morning of July 22, 1952 is a Cancer, but another person born that night could be a Leo just as the Sun is going into the sign of Leo. So, if you’re a Leo but you see July 22 also listed for Cancer on the forecast, or anywhere else, read only your sign’s forecast. You are either a Cancer or a Leo, not both. You can’t be two signs by being a “cusper.” :-) It does make a huge difference to know which sign you are in.

If you are very close to the end or beginning of a sign, you can find out which sign you’re in by getting a Free Natal Chart. You will need your birth time.

ARIES (March 20 — April 19)

  • The LUCKIEST Aries this month were born April 16–19.
    Your Luck Factor is 7 on your Luckiest Days this month: November 1–5.
    (Venus in Sagittarius)
  • For all Aries: If your natal Venus is at 20–26 Aquarius or Gemini, OR 11–13 Pisces or Taurus, (Free Natal Chart) then your Luck…



Tara Pierce

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