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Happy Birthday to Aquarians born on February 14th!

This is just about Aquarian’s best Valentine’s Day yet. Unless you have Venus at 14–17 or 20–22 Aries (Saturn and Pluto Squares) to put a damper on the day, the planets otherwise provide a super 48 hours in so many ways — Love, Luck … whatever you desire. It’s not often you are this blessed from the Love Gods.

Just when you think the day couldn’t get any better, it does, especially if you also have Venus at 18–21 or 28–29 Sagittarius or Aquarius. Any Aquarius with this transit to your natal Venus will be walking on Cloud 9 today.

Aquarians born January 20–22 could be a bit on edge with Mars squaring your sun. But it’s just a blip with so much other good stuff going on.

Aquarius loves in a somewhat detached, mental way. It’s capitivating to someone who is interested in you. Now, with a Gemini moon contributing to the airy ambiance of the day, you’ll feel right at home — everything flows easily, including mutual exchanges of love, kindness, and gratitude.

Many of you finally have what you’ve been seeking in a relationship. But if you don’t have it by Valentine’s Day, go out and get it. The universe will meet you half way. Places to meet that special someone would be in a group situation, especially if you’re out with friends.

This could be THE Valentine’s Day you’ll remember for a long time, Aquarius!

Metaphysics, spirituality, astrology — tools that help me understand myself and our world. and reflect my interests.

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